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This is a knockoff of Bitmoji and it isn’t even better if you want cool sticker people and more options get Bitmoji this app is too laggy a scam and app out just horrible. if I could give it 0 stars I would.

Dumbest Thing Ever

So stupid... legit the same exact thing as bitmoji... EXCEPT BITMOJI IS LIKE 100 TIMES BETTER! I can't believe you actually have to pay for the pictures... this is a complete joke and rip off of bitmoji 🙄


Love this app addicted !

Need to pay before use

Total waste of time!!!! Can't open the app before agreeing to pay the $9.99 trial 😑😑😑 DELETE!


never loads hardly anything not good clothing annoying. better avatars than bitmoji but not better at all. never loads so i can’t use it


It is boring. All the pretty outfits are locked and can't be unlocked until you pay for them. Al the videos are the same.


Two opportunities to right their wrongs. I will not recommend this app to anyone. (Refund requested)


I’m not kidding you...I was fooled with a FREE download and just not too long ago I noticed a charged on my bank account. I’m very careful when making purchases but man did I mistaken this app. They sneaked up that charge... Thanks a lot $10 down the drain.


Not Final


How do I cancel this app ??

I like it but...

Previously I gave a great review, I still like it, but there needs to be more outfits, accessories, and just other fun features that are free. I get that u have to make money. And I like that you added where u can purchase packages. If you could just make more fun free items too then sometimes getting a package of fun accessories or something would be okay to buy. 😉 I still like this app but there is some others that are similar. I do love that I can create my Avatar (Zmoji)❤️ ~Candice S.~ This is the best emoji app I have found so far! You can create the look from head to toe!!! I love that you can use your avatar in any other apps and it makes texting super fun! The best part is that It's free!!! There are extra outfits you can pay for, but you dont have to. I just wish there was a little bit bigger selection of clothes to choose from. Like the avatars on Pogo games, there is a huge selection. That is only for Pogo though. Anyways... I highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone! It is the best💯 Thank you and please keep adding fun stuff! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~Candice~ Still the best emoji app out there!!!!

Premature low review

On Tuesday March 13, 2018, I downloaded this app after watching a quick sponsored Instagram ad for it, something I don’t usually check out. It featured a picture of Kanye West and turned him into an emoji. Figured that’s pretty cool because I kinda want to look like Kanye... I’m just kidding. I had a specific photo of myself in mind to turn it into an emoji. After downloading there was no option to convert a photo into a bitmoji. I assumed maybe it was an in-app purchase. Totally not worth it to me. The other thing I noticed is the app was free for 7 days and then costs $9.99 per month, which is so not worth it to me. So knock yourself out if you want to pay for something you can get for free.


This app charged me $10 after i downloaded it for FREE, opened it for less than a minute and deleted it. Do NOT download unless you want to be charged $10/month. i’m beyond livid

So cute!

Fun change-up for boring texts

Nothing new just more expensive

This app has nothing new to offer but expensive charges. This app is a money grabber. Good luck with that.


This is a really good app, its fun and looks like me but it kinda copied snapchat

9.99 a month rip off...

9.99 a month rip off that makes it a chore to cancel. Imagine a junky app that costs nearly $120.00 a year if you forget or can’t figure out how to cancel it out. The one week trial converts to a 9.99 subscription by default.

Hidden charges

Didn’t know this app would charge me. Stated free download till the bill showed up in my email. If you not here to buy things, don’t use this one!

Just Like Bitmoji

It was a nice app but it was like a knock off Bitmoji. If you don't know what Bitmoji is basically you can use your Bitmoji for the app to express how you are. You also make your Bitmoji look like you for your snapchat. So I give this app 2 stars


This janky app is nothing what it advertises and it’s not cute fake bitmoji and the ad makes it seem like you can use your photo and it makes your face look like a cartoon 🙄. IT DOES NOT‼️ it’s just a gimmick and I had to search to make sure they didn’t rip me off of $9.99‼️ I wouldn’t pay not a dime for this 🤬🤬

What is this?

Seriously, if there’s things in your app you have to buy, just pay for it when you download it! I also think it’s unreasonable to have to pay for certain items.


It more like bitmoji

dnt charge me for this app

started a free trial delete the app right after the disappointment i better not be charged

Great idea

Would be nice to be able to show an older zmoji too.

Who would pay for this????



Sooo where do I even begin? It’s the exact copy of Bitmoji except Bitmoji doesn’t need money for the really cool outfits and the animations it can do. And etc.


Lol this app

Don’t waste ur time

They make it seem like u can upload a pic of yourself & the app creates a cartoon for u, but that’s not the case at all. It’s jus like bitmoji smh $9.99/mo for what? #RipOff


I loved this app for two minutes...then I found out it was charging me 11.00 bucks next week.ALWAYS READ THE THINGS THAT POP UP ON UR SCREEN BEFORE U HIT CONFIRM!!!😱🤬😠I tried to cancel the purchase but it will not cancel till ur first charge.GREAT.Now I ended up deleting this app and guess what?It still charges me.I guess the lesson is to always read the tiny print that it will charge u.




I literally wish I could give no stars an 4 thumbs down

Best avatar of me yet!

I love this app, I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a great new app for creating yourself as an avatar look no further. Thank you for sharing this app with the whole world. Peace Be With You All. God Love You. ☮️💟✝️

a rip off of bitmoji

it's bad i wish there was a 0 stars but it's a waste of time don't waste your life on this bull poop


The ad for this app is very misleading.. I thought you’d be able to snap a picture of yourself and they generate your avatar... unless I missed a step


I like the new zmojis they come up with. It is disappointing that there are so many you have to pay for!

Don’t waste your time

Don’t even waste your time try it

Beware auto subscription

Beware of the auto download, install and purchase of the free premium account (automatic renewal) version. Then when the trial period ends, you will be charged for the subscription for $10. Apple was great about refunding the unauthorized charge however it is scam like that the premium version installs in the background.

What ever

I love this app I can have have my own emoji

Bitmoji’s better

In bitmoji, you can do whatever. But in this thing, you have to pay for it. Trash!!!

More Hair Please!

Since writing my original review over a year ago i’ve downgraded my opinion of this app. More hairstyles were added, which is nice, but this app seems like just a more expensive version of Bitmoji. The only thing this app has that Bitmoji doesn’t is animated gif stickers, which (due to the cost of this zMoji/Emoji Me app) really aren’t worth it. Bitmoji is now my favourite emoji/sticker app. i think to compete with Bitmoji this app [zMoji/Emoji Me] would have to be figure out a way to be 100% free too, or lower the “unlock everything” cost to $2.99 max. - - - Original Review Below - - - My only complaint about this app is i wish there were more hairstyles. i almost always wear my hair in pigtails/twin tails and there is not even a single twin tail/pigtail hair style. It might be best to have a side-ponytail too. Besides that one thing this app is amazing and still deserves 5 stars. This has become my favourite emoji/ keyboard/ sticker app!!


It’s a cute ap, but not worth $9.99! I got the free trial and need to cancel before I’m charged, which is turning out to be nearly impossible!


Too much money for this app ,they charge you for everything ,and also charge you every month ,I think I like my Bitmoji better ,one time for everything ;in is always there for you for all seasons!!

Great Job!

IV had so much fun with this app,I love playing with it at night when I cant sleep. Its a great emoji app that's for sure,IV had no problem at all. This is also my emoji app but this one Is all I need. Thanks for the fun!!

Me cobraron sin mi autorización

Dicen q la aplicación es gratis y me cobran 13.99

Fantastic app!!

I’m actually surprised how much I use this app which is at least twice a day every day. Excellent customization options and a large library of Zmoji’s. Plus there are more added quite often.

Waste of time

So this app is basically just a rip off of Bitmoji. This app makes you buy the clothes and some of the emoji themes. This is not a good app in my opinion. In my opinion this app is just a generic version of Bitmoji and is not good. When you look at the app from the App Store it looks cool because it looks like you can make an emoji with a picture but when you get the app and you open it you just customize your emoji and you can’t use a picture.

Dumb app

Cheap knock off of Bitmoji! Also fake advertising! The advertised on instagram, like they make an avatar from a selfie! Then it tricks you into a subscription for $9.99 after a free month!! If I get charged 1 penny from this app I am raising hell!! Don’t get suckered!!!

Don’t want this

I want to cancel this purchase how I do it?


How do I cancel this???

Don’t download and waste your time

Beware this is not a free app. They want you to pay after 7 days. No way! It’s misleading I thought this would convert an avatar based from a picture BUT NOPE. Bitmoji is way better than this. This app has terrible outfits and doesn’t let you choose your body type and I can’t help to say it looks sketchy. If you want an emoji app use bitmoji. This one is terrible and makes terrible noises when u click on options and doesn’t let you chose to remove the sound. This app isn’t ready to be on live. Like it still hasn’t worked out the bugs or something

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