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I don’t have much to say but this is a good app I appreciate that you guys made it you gave it your all and e4effert.

Love the app

Super funny Zmojis and nothing inappropriate

Bait and Switch Scam

I was looking at different free emoji apps and this was one that I downloaded to look at. I deleted it within a couple of days, but now I have a charge of $9.99 that is a monthly renewal! Huh? Even on the bill it says “Free Premium Account”. Misleading? You bet. Intentionally misleading? Probably!


Super wow

Excellent Amazing

Excellent amazing


Loooove jt


Me gusto mucho el emoji solo que vieran puesto mas ropa y me tardo para encontrar algunas cosas


I love this app, it’s fun, and you can get very creative with it.

It’s too bad app. It will make your account empty.

It’s too bad app. It will make your account empty.

Bad outfits

Don’t like free outfits. Wish you could pick tops and bottoms.

Advertises as if app turns the photo into bitmoji

It doesn’t. False advertisement.

reminds me of something else

it kinda reminds me of bitmoji. but it’s semi decent app

What a rippoff!

If you pretty much have to spend money to play, then why is it free? I thought this was gonna be good, not spending your money I wish you could actually change your clothes but looks like no. so I’m never using these apps again!

Buyers Beware: Bait and Switch

I downloaded loaded this free app to test on my phone. About 1 week later I was automatically charged the most expensive subscription of $19.99



Too expensive

19.99 a month no thanks. When I can use the same app emoji that they copied for free. Why so expensive

Free Trial!

Don’t bother downloading like I did, it’s a free trial which means you need to purchase at some point. I deleted and moved on!!


Love ❤️ this app so so much cool 😎

Not better than Botmoji

The only difference is you have to buy or wait to get it in a daily bonus the same styles you get for free with the Bitmoji app


Waste of time


I had so many doubts but I’m I’m love with it

The best app



I’m a first-time user can’t get to anything spent two hours on this mass this is terrible. I was able to do the Bitmoji so I guess it wasn’t me it’s this site if anybody knows how to get in there let me know.


Is it appropriate for 9 year old kids

Love it 😍

Fun !!!!! Perfect words with actions ❤️ I really enjoy using this app I highly recommend it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


To be honest I didn’t like it at all.I have Bitmoji and it’s definitely better the Zmoji. I think it’s copying Bitmoji. Get Bitmoji if you don’t already have it and see for yourself

What a rip-off

It’s basically bitmoji.


Says it’s free, but then charges $19.99 to your account. Don’t download!!!! Scam!!!


wow that makes you look better than real life

Like it lots.

Its a bit confusing but lots of fun


I am in love with this app it’s such awesome thing to do to get rid of your boredom!!😛


Me encanta


Wish there were images for all holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. . Great if they were populated a week in advance of the holiday at least! Thank you!

Thank you

I love this app I made my friend on here it looks incredible like her done to the pink hair it looks amazing thank you creator of this app


It’s kinda like Bitmoji but it’s still good

The Jackets

They are awesome really awesome zmoji your cooool By Jaleel Jordan


I want to cancel my Zmoji as of today July 16-2018.



Fun app

Such a cute fun app. So easy to use


I think this app is amazing because it gives you a variety of different styles for your features to choose from. And if you look hard enough they look a lot like you! I would definitely rate this app 5 STARS!

Copy of bitmoji but worse

This app is a copy of bitmoji but its worse you have less outfit choices and its just over all bad and I wish you had more outfit choices it says that bitmoji foes NY have a search bar but actually it does i use bitmoji and I thought this app would be cool and give me access to more emotes but there similar to bitmojis that I had this on my phone and barely used it because bitmoji us just over all better than whatever this is.

Too much hassle unsubscribing

Falsely advertised as if app scans your face then make emoji automatically. Have to subscribe for $19.99 auto renew to try trial version but there’s no way to unsubscribe. Couldn’t find in setting nor in itune. Too much hassle. Not recommended.


Don’t fall for this! There is a monthly subscription that you never learn about until you’re charged $10 the following month!

did I just get clickbaited

The Instagram app shows you draw over it and it’s automatically a cartoon. That’s not the case, obviously. It’s the same as bitmoji, except you can’t do anything with it. Don’t get it. It’s absolute trash.

Nothing like the ad

I saw an ad for it, and I decided to check it out. I downloaded it, everything is locked. I get they need to lock some things, but everything is locked. It’s basically a Bitmoji, but this isn’t as good. Also, in the ad, it shows pictures and you can make it into a cartoon. I thought I could upload pictures onto it and create an avatar. Nope. I think they should clear up their add a bit more...

Not Good At All

It was falsely advertised on other apps

This game is probably the closest to roblox and fortnite

So I was tryna look for a game just like creating your own emoji and boom this came up I’m so loving it thanks for creating it I play this with my friends and we try to make emojis that are just like us and the last thing I wanna say is that I would appreciate if you replie to me thanks and bye

I opted out on the free trial and I got a bill for 29.99 a month.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS "FREE" APP Literally stole from me. The advertising is SOOOOO fake. Steer clear of this app.

Bitmoji is better

Not worth getting or purchasing anything from. Bitmoji is free and so much better.

Great app

This app is great I love it so much

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